Biology – Exercise and Health


Biology – Exercise and Health

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    Which long term health problem is not related to a lack of exercise?

    • Heart disease
    • Strokes
    • Beri-beri
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    What is the chemical that causes cramp?

    • Glucose
    • Lactose
    • Lactic acid
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    How does exercise help your circulation?

    • By increasing levels of HDL cholesterol
    • By making you stronger and fitter
    • By helping your body control it’s metabolic rates
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    Why is over exercising bad for you?

    • It can strain your heart muscles
    • It makes you go dizzy
    • It takes up too much time
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    After exercise, why do your heart rate and breathing rate stay higher than normal?

    • To get rid of lactic acid
    • Because it takes a while for your chest and heart muscles to slow down
    • Because your body is staying ready just in case you start exercising again
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    Why do your muscles need to be supplied with more blood during exercise?

    • Muscle cell respiration is greater during exercise
    • They are contracting and relaxing
    • So that they can get more protein for energy
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    What is metabolic rate?

    • The speed of eating
    • The speed of the chemical reactions in your body
    • The speed of eating


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